The Emotional Reaction To Staging

Dated: 07/25/2017

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When the front door is opened and the home buyer walks in with their agent, the visual should be impactful as to stir positive emotions.  After all, our homes are where we can be our most authentic selves… we laugh, love, cry and evolve.    When you are selling your home, potential buyers need to FEEL something when they view your home. 

Have you ever watched HGTV or any other show where people come in and transform spaces in hopes that they will sell?  Well….the truth is that staging does work!   It allows potential buyers to really see the space and not get distracted by clutter and confusion.   Carefully staged vignettes in the rooms evoke emotions that buyers may not even realize they are feeling, but they now can envision their belongings in the space.  This is the secret ingredient… an emotional reaction… a feeling… and it can happen very quickly!

Staging should be thoughtfully crafted with an elegance that makes the room neat and timeless.   I don’t mean going out and buying the most expensive accessories.   I also don’t mean boring.  Boring doesn’t excite people and buyers who have seen every house on the market want something special...  they want to be moved.   Will viewing your home offer buyers a backdrop to envision a family Birthday party?  Can potential buyers see coming home exhausted and feel like this home could be their haven?  If a home smells fresh, feels comfortable and makes them feel relaxed, they can begin to see and feel a future.

Home buyers have seen the mundane and the cluttered.  They have experienced the rooms that don’t flow. In fact, by the third room they begin to feel as though they have seen it all before.  Something as little as a cluttered closet can make a potential buyer think that there may not be enough room to grow.   Little things like an un-manicured lawn or poorly lit rooms can give the impression that there is just too much work to do.  Or worse, leave the buyer thinking that you didn’t take good care of the home.  The buyer may wonder, “If they didn’t take care of this, what other hidden surprises may there be to uncover?” The same applies to paint colors that aren’t neutral.  Some potential buyers simply can’t see past that bright yellow wall.   Again…it’s about perception.  You may not be able to see it, as you have grown used to your home and the little things that come with it, but these new eyes will.  Hiring a professional stager before you list your home will help eliminate these unnecessary mishaps before they cost you a potential sale.

This once tiny room was transformed into a spacious baby's room by eliminating clutter, adding accent colors and re-arranging furniture.

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The Emotional Reaction To Staging

When the front door is opened and the home buyer walks in with their agent, the visual should be impactful as to stir positive emotions.  After all, our homes are where we can be our most

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